Dengue Fever

The following linked article on Dengue Fever was provided by David Patterson at Pacific Medical Training. I think it is a good summary for those wishing to know about Dengue.

Stephen K. Felts, MD, FACP

Cholera vaccine now available at Nashville Travel Medicine

A vaccine for prevention of Cholera is now available after many years of having no cholera vaccine available in the United States.  The vaccine is taken by mouth in my office.  Only one dose is required. Haiti in the Western Hemisphere and several countries in Asia are destinations where cholera vaccine may be recommended.  Call for price and further information.


Nashville Travel Medicine has plenty of yellow fever vaccine today. We finally got a shipment of one dose vials today. Schedule your appointment asap as it may become unavailable again. Dr. Felts … [Continue reading]

Yellow Fever Vaccine FINALLY

The ongoing yellow fever vaccine shortage may soon be over. Sanofi Pasteur says they will begin shipping yellow fever vaccine again on Dec. 21. Therefore we should have enough to serve all our travelers by Dec. 22. … [Continue reading]

Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage

The only manufacturer of Yellow Fever vaccine in the United States has had a problem producing the vaccine and has been unable to ship any for several weeks. The problem is expected to extend into December. This is a real problem for some travelers … [Continue reading]

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