Resources for Travel Immunization & Disease Control

CDC – Vaccinations Recommended for Your Destination
This is an excellent site to visit prior to your appointment if you want to know what vaccines are recommended for the countries you plan to visit. Lots of other good info as well.

CDC – Vaccine Information Sheets
Excellent brief information including side effects. Read this reliable information for each vaccine you plan to receive. We will also provide you with a copy of the VIS for each vaccine you receive.

International Travel & Health Another excellent site presenting information from a global perspective.

International Travel Website Another excellent site to visit prior to travel. You can get up to date Travel Warnings, and Public Announcements and you can download handy Consular Information Sheets for each country you plan to visit.

International Society of Travel Medicine
Includes a guide to locating travel clinics, but you probably don’t need this info since you have already found NTMS!