Nashville Clinic Provides Transparency in Pricing for Travel Medicine

Affordable Travel ShotsWhen leaving the country for business or pleasure, you may need to protect your health with certain vaccinations or preventive medications. At Nashville Travel Medicine, we offer travelers what most travel clinics and health care providers don’t: clearly advertised pricing for consultations, vaccines, and preventive medications, and 30 years’ expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Our office, conveniently located off I-40 East at Summit Medical Center in Hermitage, is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and appointments can be booked online at any time at

Why visit a Travel Medicine Clinic?

Often, travelers need to receive vaccines and preventive medications that are not part of routine immunizations in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and other experts recommend that international travelers visit a Travel Medicine Clinic to receive appropriate counseling on risk avoidance and to receive the proper vaccines and prescriptions for their specific travel plans.

What makes Nashville Travel Medicine different?

We list the cost of every vaccine and service prominently on our web site. We’re aware that there’s a lot of confusion and lack of clarity around the cost of medical services, often with little challenge from consumers. Indeed, health care providers rarely discuss the cost of medical services with patients. Providers typically charge an inflated list price for each service, and then negotiate with insurers to accept a fraction of the list price as full payment.

But if your insurance plan carries a significant deductible, that list price is usually not negotiated down to a reasonable value. You may end up paying the inflated list price to the provider. Additionally, vaccinations needed when traveling out of the United States to developing countries are rarely covered by insurance. With larger deductibles and many services excluded from insurance coverage, it’s more important than ever for you, the patient, to be savvy and inquire about costs, coverage and copayments when it comes to making decisions about health-care services.

At Nashville Travel Medicine, we make the process as easy and straightforward as possible, with all fees clearly listed on our web site. We also encourage patients to file for reimbursement from their insurance company and provide the necessary paperwork for this at the time of the visit. We do not have contracts with any insurance company, so any benefits will be paid directly to the patient.

We have extensive experience diagnosing and treating infectious diseases.

Unlike most travel medicine clinics where services are provided by non-physician employees, at Nashville Travel Medicine you will be seen by Dr. Stephen Felts, an infectious disease specialist with over 30 years experience. For further information or to make an appointment visit our informative website,